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  • Grid-tied Solar

  • Grid-tied solar + battery backup

  • Off-grid solar

  • Portable/custom solar 

  • Solar Repair

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About Us

Gateway Solar LLC

Gateway Solar LLC was founded by Nick Boling. He has been in the solar industry since 2017. Nick graduated Cum Laude from Crowder College with an Associates Degree in Applied Science - Alternative Energies - Solar Energy, and later, acquired a Certificate in Wind Energy as well.

Through his schooling, Nick also went on to obtain a certificate with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioner (NABCEP), a widely and highly sought after certification in the solar industry. Nick as well worked with multiple solar installation companies as a lead installer. He then decided to venture off and start Gateway Solar LLC, based in the greater St. Louis area.


Our service area ranges throughout Missouri and all surrounding states. With a dedicated design team and install crew, we safely and securely develop systems that are right for our customers. Gateway Solar LLC systems are built with high quality products which allows them to last 25+ years. We help home owners save money each day while contributing to a cleaner and brighter future.

Sustainable Energy

26% tax credit 

Utility incentives

Lower/eliminate electric bills

Electric bills are rising

Add value to your home

25 year warranties

Covered on your home owners insurance

Built to last 25+ years

High quality products

High efficiency systems

Have power when power outages occur

Help protect the climate and environment

Clean energy = cleaner future

Save $$$

Finance options available

Why Right Now is the Best Time to Go Solar!

Reasons to Choose Gateway Solar LLC

  • Solar experts

  • Excellent customer service

  • NABCEP Certified

  • Degree in Solar

  • We take workplace safety seriously

  • We make going solar fast, easy, and simple!

  • We use high quality products with great warranties

  • Financing is available

  • General liability insurance

  • Workman's Comp insurance

  • Top of the Line:

Gateway Solar LLC uses top of the line software to design your system. It allows you to see the preliminary design, as well as the forecasted production and savings of your system.

  • We aren't happy unless you are!

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Steps in Going Solar

Gateway Solar LLC will assist you through this entire process.


  1. Customer sends most recent electric bill and address.

  2. Gateway Solar LLC sends a quote, along with with a preliminary design, production, and savings forecast.

  3. Meet to add any information, answer any questions, finalize design, figure out financing, and present contract.

  4. Contract Acceptance

Post Contract Signing
  1. First payment due, 50% of system cost

  2. Ordering of equipment

  3. Schedule a date which works with the customer. It will be determined a month in advance for the installation of the system.

  4. In the time leading up to the installation, Gateway Solar LLC will acquire any of the necessary permits and license's needed to begin installation. 

  5. Installation. This will take anywhere from 1-5 days, depending on the system's size. During which we will need access to your roof, attic, and home. 

  6. Next payment of %25 is due at time of installation.

  7. Depending on your county/city there possibly could be an inspection or two needed throughout the installation process.


  1. Any final inspections needed will be scheduled and completed​.

  2. Commissioning of system with utility company: tends to be 2-4 weeks after installation.

  3. After commissioning has taken place, your system is up and running.

  4. Final payment of the last 25% is due at the time of commissioning.  

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